The week before, our friend Kate took us to Eat Street in Brisbane for a fabulous Friday night out. What better way to enjoy the best of Brissie than to take the water-ways home via the City Cat, which we did after a burrito and beer (or four). On our journey from east to west, I found myself dangling out the left side of the City Cat ogling at the Storey Bridge from a new vantage point. Often, we had come past the river on the New Farm or Eastern side, however not from the SOUTH-east. Sometimes, it is amazing what a new vantage point brings to a photographer’s mind. I instantly made a note to return asap to capture the lights of Bris-Vegas from this spot. Thus, making our whole booze and burrito trip to Eat Street topped very worth its while.

I chose Mowbray Park to leverage this new vantage point because it had a car park. While there is artistic merit in finding the perfect spot, us Photogs have a healthy amount of practicality in us. Thus, a car park, near my spot; was the chosen holy pulpit to the altar of lights and spectacular of Queensland. Having a car park close for a new shooting venue is very helpful, especially when I am not sure which tech I need. I did dingle back and forth to the car a couple of times changing lenses and getting my set up right. Thankfully, when taking night shots, you do not have the hurry of sundown time where you need a luck and planning combo to have chosen the right kit for the right time.

After some shots, I took a small walk with my tripod and hunted for an interesting foreground. The jetty with the giant poles and the white tops totally met my idea and I crafted my project capture from there. Here is the yield, hope you enjoy it.

Here are the specs of the picture:
Nikon D750, Tamron SP 70-200mm F2.8, ISO 100, f/16, 30 sec, 70mm