I am very honoured to be hosted by Odell Harris on “Chasing Clarity”, a conversational podcast about Ocean Imagery with the artists that create it. Here is my whole story.

During my last Australia trip, I had an “office day” and sat in the library of Maleny a small Queensland town. Whilst distracting myself on Instagram, I suddenly was struck by a post of the amazing local photographer Noel Brady; who I co-incidentally met a couple weeks earlier as we both arrived at a large remote lake for a sunrise session

It is a pleasure for me to observe Noel’s photography, and on this day I saw that he was interviewed on a podcast called “Chasing Clarity”. I immediately clicked through and loved the inspiring conversation instantly. It was about motives, difficulties and hero moments of pursuing the photography venture. 

After I listened to a second episode, I suddenly thought, what if I just write an email to the podcaster himself, Odell Harris, to see if he was interested to have a chat with me. I did and was quite surprised he answered immediately. Clearly a sharp guy on the move, and from then on things started quickly, we arranged a meeting in Brisbane and recorded an interview.

I was quite nervous about my first podcast interview, but Odell, who is an experienced podcaster and generous host started a warm-up conversation while he was assembling his recording equipment and – bang – suddenly I found myself in the middle of an interview. His questions were smart and I could tell by his way that he is a passionate photographer, who wants to pass on inspiring messages to his listeners. In each episode of his podcast, he explores why an artist does what they do, how they do it and with what equipment.

You will find the interview on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Wooshkaa.

We talked about:

4:17     My transition from being a banker to a photographer

6:45     My lifestyle decisions

7:20     The banking lifestyle

11:03   My ideas, plans, and actions

13:44   My daily interactions

17:23   My photography approach – capture like a detective

20:35   My next months


It was an amazing experience for me. Thank you so much, Odell, for having me on the show and contributing to my own clarity with our chat. You can find out more about Odell and his passion for photography here.

Additionally I recommend the episodes where he interviews:


Let’s go Watson !