Podcast interview on “Everyone Counts” by Dr. Juergen Weimann

I am very grateful and at the same time delighted that I was  recently invited to an interview on the podcast “Everyone Counts” by Dr. Jürgen Weimann. The podcast aims at people in banks, insurance companies and other companies in the financial services sector who feel a desire for transformation and want to implement it.

To embrace change and transformation is one of the most vital traits or skills you can build in our current times. They kick us out of our comfort zone and crush our need for security. But they also reward us with growth and evolution we need to thrive. My photo story about Normandy a Symbol of Change provides you with a vibrant example.

podcast interview by Dr. Juergen Weimann

Dr. Weimann is not only a long-standing expert in the financial sector but also an enjoyable person. These traits give him personal access to the people in the companies of this industry. As a result, he knows exactly what moves employees and managers and what the challenges are. He focuses on the people who feel the urge to develop and change things further. At the same time, however, he does not want to ignore enthusiasm and joy.

It is, therefore, no wonder that his consulting services and his podcast have gained popularity in no time at all and continue to do so.

Dr. Juergen Weimann during the podcast interview

I especially recommend the first episode of his podcast, because there you can learn a lot about his own career. You will quickly realise that he is an expert on this topic because he has studied change scientifically and lives it daily, not just talking about it. 

The episode I was participating in, is online now and I hope you enjoy it and get an impulse for your journey. 

Have fun with it and listen on Apple Podcast or Spotify.

I highly recommend also his webpage to check him out completely and learn more about developing the love for transformation.

All in all it was a fantastic experience for me and you might recognise the transformation of myself when you compare this interview with the one on Chasing Clarity by Odell Harris over a year ago. Keep changing 🙂