Andalucia is an autonomous community in the very south of Spain. Over 300 sunny days every year, delicious and very rich cuisine and an extremely diverse and colorful history defines it as a compelling destination. It has miracles for every taste. Fascinating cities like Cordoba, Sevilla and Cadiz, wild nature and mountain regions like the Sierra Nevada and the Costa del Sol make it the place to be.

Mijas Pueblo (pueblo means village in Spanish) is a little pearl at the slopes of Mijas mountains. A location like an eagles nest with a tremendous view towards the Mediterranean, it’s pretty small white houses and narrow streets just scream for an early morning sunrise session.

Initially, I had two different sceneries in my head:

a) inside out; catch the sunlight through a tiny side street or as a reflection in a window
b) top-down; positioning the village in the foreground and catching the sunrise over the Mediterranean in the far distance


Finding a small street in the village, with a perfect east alignment was the first idea. The white walls of the well maintained small city houses with the pretty flower pots attached to them, combined with the warm morning light has some great potential for a lovely composition. Not easy as you can see with wires and antennas in the way, but with a little bit of Photoshop absolutely doable!

The second option called me a bit more, so I proceeded to explore online and onsite.

A couple day later I went on an espresso hunt in Mijas Pueblo and on my walk through the streets I suddenly saw a little chapel on the hillside which overlooks the whole village. This was it, decision made, location found! And…yeh the espresso was magnificent.

So I took my motorbike on a reconnaissance ride up to the chapel and I saw that I was very lucky. Great car park and a short hike to the chapel. Perfect when you are half asleep on a sunrise session.

The 9th of June was the right day. I spotted some clouds out of my bedroom and so I decided to open both eyes. I packed the gear the evening before to safe every possible snoozing minute. Brew an espresso, grab the backpack and leave the house.  

I was really happy about the close car park and the short hiking distance. With a lot of glass in the backpack and the tripods in my hands I snailed up the hill and arrived at  around 5.30.

This is the moment when the real photography experience starts for me. The serenety of a early morning, chilled temperatures and a light that is changing every minute from the different twighlight phases over the golden hour to sunrise. A spectacle I saw so many times and will never get bored of. The photopills app on my iPhone showed me the exact position of the sun and the according timing; so I had enough time to find the sweet spot.

I am very convinced that this was not the last photo session in Mijas Pueblo. I still have that second plan of doing an “inside out”. Hope you surf by again and check out what I made out of it, cheers!