The rumours spread for a long time. Many people report that they’ve seen them, but it is still a mystery and a travellers tale. I am talking about the “Min Min Lights” in the region around Boulia, Queensland Australia. A broad discussed question is, are they Australian folklore or a spooky reality? If you could ask the stockman who saw them in 1918 for the first time, the answer would be clear.

People ran away from them and could not escape, people chased them, and they could not get close, people even fired at them, and they were not able to destroy them. In the end, the Min Min Lights are a mystery for a while and will persist highly likely for a long time.

The Min Min Lights were even attracting academia. In 2003 Prof. Jack Pettigrew of the University of Queensland scrutinized the phenomenon and found a plausible explanation, or?

As a matter of this mystery, the Boulia decided a couple of years ago to establish a visitor centre which gives a multimedia explanation of the phenomenon. When I cam through Boulia on my Overlanding trip across Australia, I attended the show, and I recommend that you do the same, if you zoom by.

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My video below gives you an impression of what will await you if you encounter the visitor centre in Boulia. Enjoy!