You love to create emotional pictures and tell a story, whether with a smartphone or a pro- camera and you want to develop your own style? Then I have the“detective tool” for you!

Wait a second…, why is this post worth reading?

What comes to mind first when you read the word “orange”?

I’m sure in most cases it will have been this or a similar picture.

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That’s reasonable, because our brain works through:

Luckily for a photographer, we never miss our enthusiastic prospects and customers.

But now the question arises, how can this peculiarity of our brain be useful for a photographer and thus for yourself?

The answer is – use MIND MAPS.

A wonderful tool of the English author Speaker and Trainer Tony Buzan, which he developed in the sixties. Regardless of whether you want to remember important photography rules such as the exposure triangle in a more simple and brain-friendly way, whether you want to plan a photo project in a extensive and structured way, or whether you present your works to your audience.

With this very easy-to-learn tool you will achieve your goals in a playful, creative and structured way. At the end of this post, I’ll add a few links that will help you quickly learn the art of mind mapping.

A few pens and a piece of white paper will suffice. At the beginning, do not worry about the right mind map software. If you find out what your individual mind map preference is, then you will also find the right software for you.

The 7 basic rules for your inspirational mind map are:

I have been a Mind Map fan for almost 15 years. I organize private and professional projects and especially use them if I want to learn something new. I love them so much that I designed my groom speech in the form of a mind map … did a good job 🙂.


In conclusion, my top 5 tips for a successful start to mind-mapping are:


As promised, the links if you want to deepen the topic and backgrounds even more.

Mind Map Mastery, Tony Buzan

Video with Tony Buzan

James Cook University

That’s it for today, now go and create your first mind map. In the upcoming blog posts I show you my favorite areas of use in my photography and also share my mind maps. So please subscribe to stay updated and come back soon!

Let’s go Watson !