Everybody has their own memory of a place

Some feel it with the wind, others smell the pine or the eucalyptus, while I capture it in a frame.

Together, we craft our time and place stamp on something remarkable and I here in the Portfolio, is where you find those moments of ‘something remarkable’. You might have read about my inductive and deductive process  which is the ‘special sauce’ to these creations and ideally, bring a moment in time to something we can hang on a wall in a gallery, a surgery or simply in someone’s home to transmit this beautiful feeling.


Here in my portfolio, you can look over my shoulder as I square up a lens and zoom in on the moments and beauty this world offers us. These are available to order or be be viewed at a Gallery showing. Simply pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and accompany me on a shoot via your screen. Either way, I love to share what I find on my adventures. You are welcome to join me, order a shot for your own wall or gallery sequence for your shop or just live vicariously for a moment.
When you click on my projects, you can see the backstory of how I created my favourite captures, why they are remarkable moments in time and how amazing this earth is. Enjoy!




Feedback I am grateful for

‘I recently ordered Thomas’ pictures for the walls of my holiday house. We needed pictures that represented the relaxed and away-from-hectic feeling we want to fall into when we escape to our own private paradise’.
Ulrich Maier

Great company, great food and a quiet drink around the bush TV. There is not a place anywhere that we’d rather be! – Thanks to Thomas for these amazing images @Craig’s Hut, Mt. Sterling

Anthony / High Country Adventure Tours

‘Our patients need to feel calm and comfortable when they come to see us, thus at our surgery, we hang Thomas’ pictures to create a mood that enables us to start bringing wellbeing forward’.

Dr. Klaus Bärtl
We asked Tom to come and shoot our homestead because we want to show the world our piece-of-paradise, and with the drone, the camera and the on-the-go-pro, he really made a living set of images that we can use online to inspire our future customers’
Liane & Rollie Callow